RV Storage in Bozeman, MT

Are you a seasoned RV owner who is searching for the perfect RV storage solution during the off-season? Maybe you have taken several trips and already know about all the great spots. Even if you have just purchased your first RV and are eager to take it for a nice cross-state travel for the first time, you are sure to love our pull-through, outdoor parking spaces.
Our RV parking spots are affordable and secure in our spacious, fully fenced facility. Not only can you feel comfortable leaving your vehicle here, but you can also retrieve it in a matter of minutes every time you want it back for another adventure. Slate Storage is conveniently located at 4200 Love Ln, Bozeman, MT 59718, allowing our customers to reach their stored RVs at any time of the day (or night) they want to – seven days a week.

In fact, our location near Gallatin High School allows us to serve RV owners from many places in the Gallatin Valley area, including Gallatin Gateway, Four Corners, and Belgrade. We know how difficult it can be to park a large RV, often requiring the driver to get out of the seat and walk around multiple times to see how the vehicle fits within the designated space, including any equipment that may be on the outside. Whether you have a camper or a big travel trailer, our RV storage site will allow you to park even the largest of RV models with ease.
Storing your RV when you are not taking a trip is a huge responsibility. After all, not all facilities have what it takes to keep your investment safe, such as digital video surveillance and computer-controlled entry. Plus, using your home may not even be an option, since these vehicles take up a lot of room. Professional RV storage will give you everything you need to store your RV with confidence, including security, space, and flexibility.
Would you like to keep your RV out of view when you are not using it? Come by and visit us at the office and check out our storage units. We would love to see you!